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A College Student’s Modafinil Experience

Instead of feeling “in the zone”, I would just do work and then I realize that I have just spent the last 2-3 hours working rather than doing random stuff. Like, I feel with Modafinil; you have the identical personality and the energy, I get more work done. I found myself staying on task more and checking Facebook/social media/e-mail a lot less when on Modafinil.

Without Modafinil, I’m ready for a nap by 2-3 pm or else I won’t get anything done. But with Modafinil, I could work directly through. Modafinil’s effects are nuanced. You don’t “feel” the effects the same way you feel if you took a stimulant. It is more of a wakefulness and alertness. You may be a bit more attentive to things and are aware. I am always trying to find new ways to improve myself one way or another. When using the expression nootropic to describe Modafinil may be disagreed upon by some nootropics community, I am not really here to discuss semantics and terminology.

I want this post for a summary of my adventures so it might help. If you’re a little bit sleep deprived (like having 5 hours rather than your regular 7 hours of sleep), it will wake you up and you will feel like you didn’t skip a beat. It will keep you on task, if you are working on something. For those who have a long day ahead of you, it will keep you functioning without feeling fatigued.

My baseline heart rate is in the low 60s. When I’m on Modafinil, I would regularly find my resting heart rate in the 70s range. And while although it is more than my heart rate, it’s less than my heart rate. Now if you’ve come here looking for information regarding Modafinil, chances are you’ve heard many stories about it, which range from raising your IQ points by double digits to it being the specific pill from Limitless. However, the reality its effects far more timid. The medication does a great job of promoting wakefulness and keeping fatigue. Additionally, it raises many higher-order executive functions, including attention and working memory.


When you haven’t heard about Modafinil

Modafinil does make your urine smell somewhat distinct. It is a distinct smell, although I don’t need to say it’s a smell that is bad. If I urinate in a bathroom, I can not really smell it but I can definitely smell it if I urinate in a urinal. What It’s Suppose to Do At the end of the day, I encounter huge mental crash on Ritalin. The crash is much worse than a caffeine crash in the day. With Modafinil I don’t get that. If I take Modafinil at 7 or 8 in the morning, I still find myself doing work without being fatigued at 6 or 7 in the evening, sometimes even later.

Modafinil is not a stimulant; it does not provide that”edge” feeling that stimulants like caffeine, Ritalin, or Adderall does. With Modafinil, you don’t get that feeling. It’s more subtle when you want to get work done but it’s still effective. It makes me forget to drink water, although it did not make my mouth dry the manner Ritalin did.

Positives of Modafinil Modafinil is marketed as a prescription medication in the United States to treat shift work disorder, narcolepsy, and sleep disorders. Because there were a couple of instances of acute skin reactions it was approved for treatment of ADHD but did not pass the trial period. It is being used by many individuals as an enhancement, though prescribed as a prescription medication for sleep disorders. So the increase in my heart rate is indicative of some kind of activity, but not nearly coffee’s stimulant reaction. The drug doesn’t make you jittery like caffeine or other stimulants. It’s a wakefulness.

Before going any farther, I want to mention that Modafinil is a prescription drug and with any medicines, you ought to definitely consult a physician before taking it.

This post is not meant to be medical advice in any way, shape, or form. This article is written to describe my experience.