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Modafinil: my experience with the real-life Limitless-drug

What if there was a pill which would enable you to see things better, concentrate and thereby increase productivity?

Most of us have seen the film, Limitless with Bradley Cooper at the lead, where he goes from being a gloomy writer with chronic writers block into a wonder child of enormous proportions where he writes books in four days, learn a few new languages in a couple weeks and restrain the stock market by implementing advanced pattern recognition. Beautiful girls line up to receive his attention and famous businessmen suddenly want to work together with him. Simply speaking, the Limitless-drug — together with the formal and by the way literary title NZT-48 — presents Eddie Morra using a new and radically enhanced lifestyle.

The concept of a drug, for example, NZT has since 2011, when the film premiered, made a mainstream fascination among the masses, which has sent the demand for smart medications through the roof. The only real problem, though, is that no smart drugs with the similar effect for example NZT exist.

Or what?

What is Modafinil?

You probably have already heard about Modafinil. Or maybe you have not. In any event, I will inform you.

Modafinil is made as a medical assistant for people who suffer from narcolepsy. Should you are afflicted with narcolepsy you suffer from the inability to remain awake throughout the day without abruptly fall asleep.

Perhaps you remember the scene from this horrible, but also a funny movie, Deuce Bigalow, in which Rob Schneider is a male gigolo who at one stage takes out this woman who falls asleep at very inconvenient times.

Perhaps you’ve already figured out that Modafinil has an invigorating effect that ensures narcoleptics may have a marginally functional and normal everyday life. But what if you don’t suffer from narcolepsy, but nevertheless take Modafinil? This query has some folks at some stage requested themselves, which obviously resulted in an experiment.

The result of the experiment was that Modafinil has a number of benefits with an overall conclusion being that you simply turn into a better and upgraded version of your self. The advantages include improved cognitive function, increased focus, higher motivation, increase in productivity and usually high quality of life.

This, clearly, has caused a widespread and ever-increasing popularity amongst the general population. Modafinil is not an unknown drug on a worldwide scale. Founded in the USA, it’s estimated that more than 20 percent of pupils have experimented with Modafinil, which is why it is most likely safe to state that a high number of students are using Modafinil as a continuous help in scoring a top GPA.

Modafinil has really existed since the late 70’s, that is the reason we have a substantial track record that makes it somewhat legitimate, although not conclusive, to state that this drug doesn’t hold possible unwanted side effects in the long run. The reality is that Modafinil is hardly associated with any side effects in any way. The only common side effect is a headache, which can be comparatively infrequent (around 11% encounter it).

In many ways, Modafinil seems too good to be true. However, I needed to immerse myself and thoroughly research this drug, because what if this is actually legit?

My Normal disbelief surrounding Modafinil
I consider myself a reasonable person capable of making decisions based on a rational foundation.

The first time I became familiar with Modafinil was once I read an article on, at which Dave Asprey, who is the man behind the site in addition to his hugely popular Bulletproof podcast, clarifies how this smart drug is capable of enhancing performance. Since Dave Asprey has a pretty good name (though many dislike him), it was not difficult to take Modafinil serious immediately. What Dave Asprey has become renowned for is sharing his own experiences and knowledge about how the body and mind can be hacked. These experiences come out of years of tests and experiments on Dave’s body. As an example, Dave Asprey has employed Modafinil for at least 9 decades and still use it sometimes although he states that he doesn’t want it more.

In this meeting, Dave Asprey explains how Modafinil has improved his life. The meeting also sheds light onto Modafinil from an overall perspective and who all the people, that use Modafinil, are. In the movie they say Provigil, but it is exactly the same as Modafinil.

Based on Dave Asprey’s individual experience I, naturally, began researching Modafinil from different reliable sources so as to acquire a searchable outlook. Who says bad things about Modafinil? What scientifically proven facts do we have? What are people’s overall experiences with Modafinil? To be able to attempt Modafinil myself, I needed to find answers to all these questions.

I found that Modafinil generally was associated with good things. Especially on Reddit, I have found many personal experiences, where some folks go so far as saying Modafinil spared their lives. Also in relation to what has been scientifically proven there actually are not posts or tests that cement neither physical or psychological risks. The sole conclusion neurologists and other experts in the area have begun to be that we do not understand what the effect of prolonged usage is.

Of course, it’s frightening to risk long-term negative effects as a result of Modafinil, but like many things, in life, you create a calculated choice. At least that was my conclusion which subsequently led to placing money on a bag of pills. Truth is that we take many dangers on a daily basis. We don’t know for sure if negative consequences are associated with long-term usage of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and much like everyday radiation. New products with ingredients we sometimes don’t know much about. We can even discuss alcohol and cigarettes, which, as most people know, are documented to literally kill countless people each year and yet we keep drinking alcohol every weekend if not every day. A lot of us are even prone to have a cigarette in the hand when pouring the beer down the hatch.

Life is one big risk and that’s why it isn’t crazy running a threat with Modafinil. It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes the upside can be equally as good as the drawback.

Why experiment with Modafinil?
As it is interesting to check the mind. To challenge it and determine what impact it has. Of course, that does not imply that I put my mind to every evaluation”because it may be interesting”. Before I leap into medication such as Modafinil, but also another medication (not that I test that many drugs) I make sure to do my homework properly. I read everything worth reading and even examine the components of the given drug.

It is also about maintaining an open mind. I’ve talked about Modafinil with several people who got difficulty inquiring what the hell I had been thinking and if I was mentally retarded, whereto I typically reply”not yet”.

So far my experiments have turned out nicely. I believe it’s a shame to reject what you have not looked into having an open mind. Not that we have to discuss all kinds of drugs, but when we choose magic mushrooms as an example, it is amusing how many people have strong opinions with a desire to speak in negative terms without having any knowledge, scientific comprehension or expertise. That is also the main reason why the arguments usually don’t amount more than”it’s only drug addicts and helpless individuals who do those kinds of drugs”.

If we will discuss drugs I think that it’s fair to expect a minimal amount of knowledge.

My experience with Modafinil after two months of constant use
There’s no doubt that Modafinil has a pretty good reputation, but that’s my personal experience with this particular alleged Limitless-drug? Has it really acted like brain steroids?

Once more, I’d like to make certain that I am a man of critical and organic skepticism about most things within life such as Modafinil, which is why I wish to draw you a real image of Modafinil that is not untrue.

First time I tried Modafinil

Around the 7th or 8th of January 2016, I received my very first batch of Modafinil. Wrapped in bubble transparency within an envelope it had, to my surprise, made it through my narrow letterbox, ready to be opened.

As I received the batch around the day I needed to wait for the following day to attempt it. This was because Modafinil functions as a wakefulness-promoting agent which makes it very difficult to fall asleep at your standard bedtime when required after 9 am, as the half-life is about 15 hours. Obviously, I knew this already due to my extensive research and preparation.


I begin with half a tablet…

Next to my bed, I have prepared a jar of water and one of these, hopefully, magical pills. That is it. My Modafinil virginity is about to be taken.

The very first time you attempt Modafinil it is a good idea to find the effect of half a dosage, which by the way is a lot for most people. At least this was my approach.


Within 15 minutes I start feeling the consequence…

The excitement has been too good though, which explains the reason why I, of course, could not fall asleep, and it wasn’t more than 15 minutes which went by before I could sense something.

It was a bizarre sensation but in a great way. To start with, I didn’t know exactly how so. As we all know most things that are tried for the first time have a more powerful impact, but Modafinil was on no account overwhelming, but pleasant and subtle, which can be among the stated advantages of the medication. There was not any sense of euphoria, but a perfect combination of calmness and clearness.


All the typical distractions such as Facebook, online tabloids, iPhone notifications and so on were annihilated. By brain solely wished to concentrate on important tasks. For my part, the vital tasks were writing a shitload of posts. After 45 minutes of work on the notebook in bed, then I needed to switch over to my workstation.


I take another half of this pill…

Even though the result was highly noticeable in the kind of me blasting away on the computer keyboard, I couldn’t resist taking another half. This is typically me and the way I am, but I desired to experience the full effect. That’s just the way I am. Anyhow, by adding the other half of Modafinil the result seemed complete. It was overpowering in a liberating way as it felt as though I was finally treated by this endless spell of procrastination and dedication to damaging distractions.


100% tunnel vision…

With the Modafinil working as expected for it was just about work and important tasks. This was the one thing I could focus on and on a level in which I felt a feeling of angriness when people messaged me on Facebook. Of course, I didn’t have some distracting windows open in my pc, however, iPhone was turned off, but after ten minutes, I put it on flight mode. From that point, it had been the 100% tunnel vision I had expected.


No anxiety or uncontrollable ideas…

One of my biggest problems is that I find it difficult to concentrate on a single task at a time. I have no problem working relatively effective, but I have a terrible habit of multi-tasking and that, I am not capable of. I am able to sit and write a guide and suddenly think about an e-mail I hadn’t addressed. I then start writing the e-mail until a surprising new idea for the report distracts me, and today I’m doing a keyword analysis. And this circle infrequently ends. It’s incredibly destructive like I don’t properly immerse myself into the important undertaking. On Modafinil I have zero problems with adhering to one task.


I don’t feel particularly more intelligent, but…

I felt my intelligence had fewer bounds in the form of distractions, and in a sense made me feel sharper. It makes it easier to join the dots.


Nine hours later…

From around 7.30 am to 5 pm I was working like a perfectly oiled machine. I didn’t really take any breaks. The output signal was four comparatively long posts and a shitload of other work. Simply speaking, it had been a very satisfactory workday, but I was not done. The tank was still what felt like full. I opted to take a break though, but this break happened in the fitness center. This was the first gym session because three weeks and my body had barely digested the disgusting quantity of food and drinks I’d eaten and consumed during Christmas and New Years Eve, yet it was no obstacle to pack my training clothing and get to it.

I jumped on the treadmill and ran close to five miles at a rate of 8–9 mph, which was fairly good considering three weeks using an intolerable unhealthy lifestyle. It went easily however. Additionally, I was able to throw around with a few weights and after about 90 minutes of full-scale exercise, I believed that my body had had enough.


I hadn’t eaten anything…

After 12 hours my belly was empty, as I hadn’t eaten anything. I just wasn’t hungry. This is a side effect, as some might call it, that Modafinil is known for, and that’s why Modafinil also is related to weight loss. Of course, it is not healthy not ingesting anything, but on the flip side, nothing bad comes from flaxseed just one or even two days. Regardless of my non-existent appetite, I decided to eat a (slightly healthy) sandwich.


Obviously, I had been very satisfied with the impact of the pill. At the current time of day, I could feel that the effect was just taking off, but that I had the capability for more work done. I worked until midnight, that was equivalent to another four hours of work before I pushed myself into bed. And here I must put emphasis on force, as it wasn’t easy to sleep, but hopeless. I managed to fall asleep after about 45 minutes.

My subsequent interaction with Modafinil

After a day of Modafinil, as I just explained, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind I need to experiment further with this narcolepsy medication. This was also the plan from the beginning.

On my second day with Modafinil the result was again highly noticeable although less as the first day. I didn’t anticipate it to be so. It is important to note that the effect of Modafinil correlates with your overall mood. This means that in the event you have a really good evening, then Modafinil works really well. On the other hand, if you have a shitty day, and yes it is possible even on Modafinil, then the result is decreased.

After 14 days of Modafinil it had been an amazing trip looking back on the overall work output. Generally, I felt my mood had improved, that had been a favorable side effect I hadn’t expected although increased productivity is linked to a greater degree of overall satisfaction with life.

With Modafinil my work output has doubled, where this screenshot illustrates how the amount of monthly written voice has gone from ~16.000 to ~35.000. That’s pretty heroic in my view.

What other consequences has Modafinil had on me?

Scientific study has indicated that Modafinil has possible effects besides increased endurance and motivation. Modafinil has shown itself helpful in treating ADD and normally mental disorders such as addictions, depersonalization, and bronchial disorders, but also, as stated previously, weight loss.

The reason why Modafinil has proved effective in treating the above mentioned conditions is the attributes of the medication improve cognitive abilities. Modafinil simply helps to create new connections in mind that increase awareness and the ability to solve problems rationally.

In this aspect, I feel that Modafinil has had a positive impact on me. Concerning all my ambitions and goals in life, I’m quite conscious of what I need to focus on, and that is where Modafinil has let me in keeping and sharpening this focus.

Let me give you a few examples.

Less need for fun and games

In the course of the past few months, my appetite for seeing shows and new movies have hit an all-time low but I used to see a couple of hours of The Office US or whatever before falling asleep. Not anymore. Rather, I visit important programs, typically on YouTube, from which, I will learn something.

Additionally, I have noticed that the need for moving out/binge drinking, eating at delicious fine dining restaurants and normally things within the confines of the good life has nearly vanished. In a way, it is terrifying, as I feel overly focused on being productive and on level with reaching my goals. I do, but make a conscious attempt of devoting myself after a week in addition to maintaining social competences by hanging out with buddies. If life is taken overly seriously and you dig yourself too deep into a job it may be true that progress will be rapid, but in my estimation, it is important not to distance yourself from the best of what life has to offer you. In short, I force myself to observe, when a celebration is in order.

I really don’t, however, believe that Modafinil is your sole reason for this as I also meditate on a daily basis. Meditation was of great value to me during the past half year, where my mental strength has improved noticeably.

The combination of meditation and Modafinil seems to have a much greater effect compared to my ability to control emotions before being on Modafinil. For example, I find it easier to handle failure, rejection, the chilly winter months and the cold weather (it could be rough in Denmark). The simple fact that I’m not knocked out by these things used to fuck up me badly has, of course, made my life simpler as I accept and recognize lousy days making the good days even better.

Ordinarily, I can’t describe the impact of Modafinil any greater compared to another user who stated:

I am inquisitive, I’ll dig and I will write great things. It’s let me see links I wouldn’t have seen before. Is it because I’m more alert? Or some triggered level of understanding unavailable without a lot of sleep and nourishment? Without it, I am still good, but it is a bandwidth expander. It lets you step back and learn things. The result does not go away when the compound leaves blood. The relations it provides you stay with you. It helps me have a rational rather than emotional reaction to irritants.

The previous two paragraphs are essential to recall.

“The connections it provides you remain with you. It will help me have a rational rather than emotional response to irritants.”

Although I, for instance, have not taken Modafinil for three or four days I sense a high level of mental focus. My theory is that it is the end result of many weeks of intense focus that has created new brain connections and shaped a stronger habit of focusing. Additionally, this is one of the reasons why I meditate. Applying repetition is the only way to rewire your mind and form new healthful habits.

Does Modafinil have any unwanted side effects? There have to be unwanted side effects of some types, right? Just like most things within existence, there are of course possible unwanted side effects. In very rare cases Modafinil can activate the skin disease Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), but the majority of folks who are at risk are already aware of it as ordinary drugs such as Ibuprofen and specific antibiotics also can trigger SJS.

On the grounds of 2 months of constant use, it is difficult for me to find any unwanted side effects but there’s one. The one negative side effect of Modafinil I have seen is that I find it easier to become annoyed/irritated by people who, in my opinion, do not make a great deal of sense. The increased irritability however only applies to the section of people. This state of increased irritability can be rarely triggered as it is during working hours which I’m hooked on Modafinil and given my job as a writer on my own, I only deal with few people on a daily basis. Even though it is a negative side effect I am not sure this is a common side effect for those on Modafinil. As a personal trait I have always found it easy to be extra annoyed with confident people who are of limited intellect, therefore Modafinil has only sort of boosted this trait.

There’s actually also another matter about Modafinil which I would describe as unwanted. The level of focus that you experience on Modafinil isn’t always as desirable. By way of instance, if you are hung-over and attempt to find some work one that I find that Modafinil will improve focus on intangible things. It is sometimes a distant notion that’s of no significance or significance and something you might be unable to place a finger on. This is where I’ve experienced that my ideas may go in circles without me having the ability to focus on work. To some, it may not be that pleasant, but it is not any worse than postponing work for a few hours or a day.

The fact alone that Modafinil doesn’t have enormous negative side effects is a bit frightening. If you choose stimulants like caffeine, Ritalin, Adderall there are a wide variety of side effects which problematize constant consumption. Negative effects like stress, palpitation, dizziness, aggressiveness, anxiety, confusion and numbness are just some of them.

So how come you can find none of those side effects? It’s a challenging question and definitely the largest drawback of Modafinil that we do not have some concise knowledge about how it affects the brain on a long-term foundation.

It’s extremely hard to get a free lunch using biochemical enhancement, but that does not prevent me from playing around with it, but I understand there is a price that comes with it and you need to be ready to cover the debt.

Is Modafinil something for you personally?

It’s difficult not to be fascinated by Modafinil and its related results. So fascinated that a lot people wish to give it a shot. Before you start experimenting it is crucial, though, to ask yourself if Modafinil is really something you need at all? Everybody doesn’t necessarily have to do smart drugs simply because they could.

The reason I use the magical things is I have a tremendous amount of work that has to be done every single day. Work there, in theory, is endless of, as I will write as many articles as I desire. In addition, I have goals and subgoals that have to be done, and that is why it makes sense for me to use Modafinil.

On the other hand, an individual can argue that the jobless person collecting a monthly well-fair check also could gain from Modafinil, as it might inspire the person to find work. In the end, you are the person who knows best if it’s for you, even if it’s just for one evaluation.

(UPDATE: September 2018 – I have received a ton of messages from people asking exactly how to Receive their hands on Modafinil, which is why I have now answered that question here for all)

For me personally, has been a reliable provider of Modafinil for the previous 3 years
BuyModa takes Bitcoins which are easy to get.
In case you have not got Bitcoins, I suggest registering on Coinbase, which I’ve great experience with.
BuyModa Doesn’t send direct to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Croatia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates.

Fortunately this shipping issue can be solved by using Skypax, which I have used every single time since Holland is one of those nations where direct shipping is not possible.

But is Modafinil even legal? Modafinil is in no way a medication that the government are on the hunt for, as it does not possess a euphoric or intense mind-altering effect. Therefore you won’t be criminalized if caught with ten pills in your pocket in an airport without a legitimate prescription. I brought it in and out of the UAE not so long past. I bring it with me without even giving it some thought.

But prescription medicine is tough to get ahold of so what to do? As a result of the net and it has liberating tools there are lots of online pharmacies that sell Modafinil. It might not sound especially reassuring and that’s as it isn’t. There’s a shitload of scammers on the market, but with just a little bit of qualified research, it is pretty doable to find a legit online pharmacy.

My own research led me to different trustworthy sellers, but Afinil Express was is my number 1 go-to vendor. They’ve a good reputation on Reddit plus they offer 100% guaranteed shipping so if your package is lost or captured they are going to only send you a new one.

Suffice to say everything went easily from purchasing my 300 pills to delivery. An individual could assert that 300 are a lot of pills, but me being me I had to go all-in. It was cheaper to purchase in bulk. I paid $294 USD, which can be around 50% off compared to purchasing 50 pills for $85. (At the time)


All four have close to equal contents, but every with their own unique feature. Artvigil, also referred to as Armodafinil, is said to give a more powerful buzz than Modalert, but I have only tried Modalert, which explains why I can’t comment on whether this claim is accurate. In addition, it is said that it’s a good idea to switch between i.e. Armodafinil and Modalert so as to prevent a high tolerance. It is impossible not to build up some amount of tolerance, which is why it’s almost always a good idea to take a break from Modafinil every once in a while. After two weeks of nearly daily use, I do not seem to have built any tolerance though. Additionally, I never take over 200 mg a day.

My personal recommendation is that you stick with Modalert 200 since it is the pill that this attest you are studying relies on. If you select one of the other pills or have experience with them, I would love to hear from you.

My conclusion
For me, Modafinil seems to have the possibility of altering one’s life for the better. At least that is my own instant conclusion. You also don’t have to look hard on the web to discover various personal accounts that promote Modafinil as a genuine life-changer and maybe even lifesaver.

Though I cannot attribute All my personal growth and success to Modafinil, it has definitely helped me get to where I am today, where I still find the energy and persistence to Keep my internet lifestyle magazine as well as my YouTube channel

On the last note, I will, obviously, like to put emphasis on the fact that in the event that you choose to experiment with Modafinil it’s your own responsibility. I really don’t encourage you to purchase Modafinil even though this fairly extensive report may indicate otherwise. I’m just sharing my own experience. My personal opinion, though, is that it might be a pity to provide Modafinil a pass if it could have a life-improving impact.