Modafinil Validity Tests – Reagent Kit


Modafinil/Armodafinil test
Third-party, Made in the UK
Know Your Modafinil Is REAL


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The froehde reagent drug test kit is ideal as it has a very long shelf life. It lasts over 12 months if stored in the fridge and about 12 months if kept outside the fridge in a cool, dark place. One bottle of this test kit will give approximately 40 tests.

This modafinil validity test will react with granules of modafinil to turn a dark-orange color if modafinil is detected. This test kit will not determine age, expiry, or strength of the modafinil/armodafinil, only if the tested pill granules contain modafinil and are not counterfeit.

As with all reagent tests, the froehde reagent contains strong acid and should be handled with care.

The test kit includes a reaction result guide for common compounds such as Modafinil.

Please note that this product is a matrix-bound test, not a liquid.

The reagent tests are manufactured and shipped via a third party entirely in the UK.

EU residents can expect their tests to arrive in a few days to a week, other countries up to 3 weeks on average.

Modafinil Test Kit Information

The reagent test kits will indicate whether or not there is a presence of modafinil, and a myriad of other drugs (should you have other things you wished to test using the same kit).

Some agents that can be detected by the tests:

What if the sample contains a mixture of agents? Won't that get confusing?

It will produce a mixture of the colors – a lot like mixing two colors of paint. If you have a powder or crystalline substance with two different looking types of crystal, try to separate them and test them individually.

The reagents kit will determine if you have received counterfeit/fake/placebo pills, definitively.
The kits will not be able to show you the strength of the pills. That process requires actual equipment and is more complex.

The kits will not be able to tell you if the sample is expired, or its age.

The kits will not be able to tell you if you definitely have what's known as a 'dud batch'.
We provide detailed instructions with every order. Following them closely will give you the best results. A summary is displayed on this page.

Reagent tests are straightforward to use. You need a glazed ceramic surface (the bottom of a plate or mug is good) and some water. You should always wear safety specs and gloves as the reagents will damage skin & eyes.

1. Ensure the area is clean and well lit, and you have a white, chemical resistant surface.
2. Gather a few tiny shavings (~3mg) of the substance to be tested and crush well.
3. Take out some of the test granules and place them on the powder.
4. Observe the color change for 60-120 seconds.
5. Rinse with water. Ignore results after the first color change.

(Click this Link) to see the that shows the expected colors from our reagents with several drugs. Positive reactions with the Ehrlich reagent are all shades of purple and can take five minutes to develop.
Please use the regular Buy Moda Support Link but make sure to put TEST KITS in the subject. The agents will direct you to the best department to field test kit-related questions.


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