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Review for Waklert 150

Thanks to Mike, Aaron and everyone else who I spoke with on lice chat. You guys answered all of my questions and made everything super-smooth. I received my Waklert in record time and I’m very happy with my puchase.

I thought it would ship from India, but it was Singapore?

Review for Modalert 200

I have had previous successful orders sent from India to here in England, so I was kind of wary when Buy Moda said they would ship from Singapore. But everything was fast, there were no customs issues and the product was exactly what I needed, right in time for my university exams.

My UK modafinil order took only 3 days

Review for Modvigil 200

The reviews I had read about BuyModa were true. I received my modafinil tablets to East London, UK in 3 business days. I thought they forgot to send me my tracking number, but when I did the package was already out for delivery. Cheers!

EMS delivery, reasonable prices

Review for Artvigil

Thank you for making the ordering process so easy. I especially like the automated Aftership e-mails that kept me updated on the status of my international order.

Delivery in Saudi Arabia

Review for Modalert 200

I can’t believe I got my order here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA). Most modafinil pharmacies disallow shipments to my country and this one came through fast, and they did not even ask for my prescription (which I have). I recommend buymoda highly postive!

Modalert and artvigil made my day

Review for Modalert 200

Thanks for the order. I used my credit card to buy an Amazon gift card to make an anonymous way to pay for my order while still using a credit card.

The real deal, lab tested, certified

Review for Sampler Pack

I had my order (part of it) tested at a lab that my girlfriend has access to at her college and the Sampler products we tested were all original. From Sun Pharma and Hab Pharma. Great, solid, stuff.


Review for Artvigil

Delivered to myself perfectly. And I was traveling!

Great new modafinil pharmacy

Review for Artvigil 150

The first time I’ve used a ‘new pharmacy’ for my smart drugs and they were a great success. Don’t expect this with every run-of-the-mill pharmacy, guys. Thanks!