Australian shipping from India or Singapore?

Review for Modalert 200mg

Normally Buymoda ships from Singapore, but this time they randomly sent it from India via registered mail. This means I did not get frequent updates of my order along its path to me, but I did get it, and I received it fast. I can’t complain even though they had me concerned with the change of country originally. Mike and the team came through as always, though.

Shipping to the United States picked up

Review for Modalert 200mg

I received my order in 2 weeks which is like it used to be, super fast. My last order was Modvigil during the height of COVID’s first wave and it was uber slow and that ain’t cool.. Thanks for getting your act together now I can get stuff done again. Mik,e you crack me up, too!

Modafinil to Australia: My Review

Review for Modalert 200mg

I had a few initial questions that I sent to their support, which took about 48 hours to respond which is a little slow for my taste. After successful responses, I placed an order paying with a Visa credit card without a hassle. The product took about 2.5 weeks to reach me, which was about what support told me it would take and other reviews prepared me for. Good timing.

The modafinil was as strong as the Provigil I am prescribed, and a hell of a lot cheaper online. I had to take away part of a star for the slow initial support response, but everything else passed with flying colors. I see why they are rated as number one in almost every place I researched.

I look forward to my next order with Buy moda.

Buy moda delivery times faster than before covid

Review for Modalert 200mg

I was expecting my order to take like 6 weeks go arrive so I was surprised when it came in 2 weeks to Australia. Mike, you have surpasses my expectations again and this is why you’ll always have me as a customer. Cheers for all that you do for the community.

Buying modafinil in the UK?

Review for Modafinil

I wasn’t sure if BuyModa would be the best vendor to order modafinil online for people in the United Kingdom or not. There are quite a few options for us locally, but Buy Moda came through for me fast. I appreciate Mike always being available to answer my questions and seeing my order through to the end.

I appreciate the real reviews and feedback that led me to BuyModa.

Modalert in New Zealand??

Review for Modalert 200mg

I can’t believe someone is finally shipping Modalert to New Zealand. Thank God that it’s Buymoda, too. I was using an Australian forwarding service before, now I get my pills directly and much faster (cheaper too!). Good on you.

Quick shipping Modalert – back to normal you mean?

Review for Modalert 200mg

I received my order here in Brisbane, Australia in less than 2 weeks time. I’m not sure what people are complaining about. Everything, at least in my experience, is back to where it was and I love it. Keep the modafinil flowing, mates. You made my week, again.

Shipping is back on track thank god!

Review for Modalert 200mg

There were some slow shipments during the Rona heyday, but as my last or is an indication, things look to be back to normal. It took a total of 18 business days to receive my 60 pills of Modalert, which is not bad at all. The packaging was nice and sturdy, yet discreet, too. What’s there to complain about?

Pandemic love – Thanks for the discount

Review for Modalert 200mg

I got my Modalert in the mail today and it was only slightly a longer wait. The discount promotions you guys throw make the modafinil a steal. Thank you for all that you do for the nootropics community!

Modalert to Australia in 2.5 weeks

Review for Modalert 200

I got my large order of Modalert in 2.5 weeks which is more than sufficient. I had to contact support about an address change and Tracey was quite helpful. Mike even chimed in which was nice too. Thank you for the weekly e-mails. They’re hilarious, yet full of good tips.